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Regeneration: Whispers of Hope (2023)

Gina Ryan (music), Josiane Fortin (dance), Isabelle Miron (poetry), Anne Deslauriers (visual art and installations), PercUqam

Butterfly Gardens, Whispers of Hope*, L'eau à ciel ouvert*, Softening the Cities*, Sundial, Whispers of Hope*, Reboisement*,

The Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival 2023

*world premieres

Butterfly Gardens (2022) 4'30
Gina Ryan (music), Josiane Fortin (danse), Éliane Cantin (vidéo)
premiered at the Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival 2022

Hauntology (2021) 6'30
Gina Ryan (music), Liz Hassall (art and video)
premiered at the Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival 2022


The Affirmation (2009) 9'30

Gina Ryan (percussion), Justin Mariner (music), Haydon Mariner (projected illustrations)

transitions (2009)
Gina Ryan (percussion), Karel Chevalier (dance)



Rhapsodie pour percussion et orchestre à vents (2009) 15'
For solo percussion and wind ensemble
Éric Champagne


Cadenza (2009) 3'30
For solo vibraphone
Éric Champagne

Castanet Etude (2009) 1'30
For castanet and tape
David Adamcyk


peace she until the break (2009)

For vibes, gongs, crotales, cymbals
Stacey Brown

Four Etudes for Vibraphone and Marimba (2008)
Bruce Mather
premiered with Barah Héon-Morissette

Opus. 48 for Unpitched Percussion (2008)
For multiple percussion
Alexandra Fol


Concerto for Percussion & Wind Symphony (2008)
For solo percussion and wind symphony
Trevor Grahl


Une petite histoire de gestes (2006)  
Duo for marimba, vibraphone, and percussion
Brian Cherney


Sunflower Ritual (2006)
Duo for marimba and percussion
Dora Cojocaru


diastemas (2005) 8'
For marimba and tape
alcides lanza


-ology (2004) 
For marimba
Geoff Holbrook

Origin of the Crash (2004) 5'
For marimba and bamboo chimes
Andrew Staniland


Marram (2004)                                                                               
For marimba
Neil Middleton

Invention (2004)
For marimba
Suzanne Mariaz

marram by Neil Middleton - Gina Ryan
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be/alls by Alexandra Fol - Gina Ryan
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