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The most recent of three works presented on Wednesday was diastemas (again, no caps), a 2005 piece for marimba and electronics that, despite the hums and squawks emanating from the loudspeakers, produced a bracing dialectic distinctly related to the classical concerto. Heck, the solo part, however freewheeling, was substantially tonal. Gina Ryan played it with thorough going virtuosity. Such lyrical phrases, such fluid glissandi. Yes, percussionists can sing.

-Arthur Kaptainis, The Gazette, June 13, 2009.

Arts Canada Live

Interview with Jeanette Kelly

Wild and wonderful... all the while exploring the versatility of the many instruments.

-Gwenda Nemerofsky, Winnipeg Free Press, February 5, 2009.

Arts Canada Live - with Jeanette Kelly
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Sing was precisely what Ryan's marimba did in this piece, revealing a sensitive attention to details of phrasing and dynamics, coupled with an already impressive technique.

- Glenn Colton, Evening Telegram, February 26, 1998.

While in junior high, I was fortunate enough to attend a performance at the D.F. Cook Recital Hall at MUN. One of the performers was a young percussionist whose playing inspired me to the point where the snare drum was all I could think about for weeks. I had already been in piano lessons for quite a while, but from that moment on, I knew that percussion would be it for me. That percussionist was Gina Ryan. She has returned home for a performance that will probably make you want to take up the marimba if you haven’t already.

-The Scope

La percussionniste Gina Ryan produit un concert multimédia avec tout son attirail de peaux et de métaux, quelques pas de danse, des images, et pas de temps mort!
-Réjean Beaucage, le 20 août 2009

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