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Soloist with Large Ensemble

Rhapsodie pour percussion et orchestre à vents**                        

Concerto for Percussion and Wind Symphony**                           
Concerto for  Percussion and Orchestra                                     
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra/Perc. Ens                        

Soloist with Small Ensemble

Kami for solo marimba and perc. ens.                                      
Espani Cani for castanets and keyboards                                
Genevieve's White Wave for solo marimba and taiko ens.       
Log Cabin Blues (solo xylo and perc. ens.)                              
Fluffy Ruffles (solo xylo and perc. ens.)                                   
Valse Brillante (solo xylo and perc. ens.)                                  
Spanish Waltz (solo xylo and perc. ens.)                                


The Affirmation**


Castanet Etude**

Be/alls, op. 48 for unpitched percussion**

peace she until the break**

Origin of the Crash**                                                                   
Time for Marimba                                                                   
Fertility Rites                                                                         
Estonian Cradle Song                                                                     
Etude Hommage                                                                                      
Memories of the Seashore                  
Dream of the Cherry Blossom               
Wind in the Bamboo Grove                     
Variations on Japanese Children's Songs           
Marimba Dances                       
Mighty Lak'a Rose                       
Shona Dream Dance                        
Triangle Fish                           
Carabana 1                              
Side by Side                           
Alternate Currents                      
Spider Walk                                
Episode for solo percussion                  
Cenas Amerindas                    
Cello Suite No. 1 (Prelude)


Rain Tree (trio)                     
Une petite histoire de gestes**                   
Sunflower Ritual**                       
4 Études for Marimba and Vibraphone**           
4 Preludes for Marimba and Flute   
Dialogues for percussion and trombone
Duo for Marimba and Piano                 
Duettino Concertante                    



Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Aspen
   Syndney Hodkinson, conductor

Mahler/Skizze                                                                        Detlev Glanert
Snatches of a Conversation                                                  Peter Eotvos           

Keep Cool                                                                             Carlo Boccadoro
Bricks                                                                                    Sydney Hodkinson
California Fictions*                                                                Mason Bates
Hypoxia*                                                                               Jude Vacklavik
In Memory of Allen Strange*                                                Jeff Myers
Encaenia*                                                                             Paul Dooley
Gendall*                                                                               Chris Gendall
Aqua Regia*                                                                         Spencer Topel


Aspen Percussion Ensemble

Idyll for the Misbetton                                                          George Crumb

Ensemble Euterpe, Montreal  

   Geneviève Leclair, artistic director

Réminiscence                                                                     Brian Harman        


Pazzia Contemporary Performing Collective (POP Montreal International Festival, Montreal)
   Kelly Lovelady, conductor and artistic director

Miss Donithorne's Maggot                                                 Peter Maxwell Davies


Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (Domaine Forget, Québec)
   Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor        Denys Bouliane, artistic director

Osten                                        Mauricio Kagel
Sink*                                          Brian Harman
Kadensky's Palette*                  Taylor Brook
Trois Meditations sure la vie celeste de Charles G.*         Jean Lesage


Toronto Summer Music Academy and Festival, Toronto
   Robin Engleman and Bob Becker, directors
Unseen Child                                                                     Bob Becker
Mon ombre*                                                                       Bruce Mather


Bob Becker Xylophone Institute, University of Delaware

Fluffy Ruffles                                                                      George Hamilton Green
Valse Brilliante                                                                   George Hamilton Green
Cross Corners                                                                   George Hamilton Green
Ragtime Robin                                                                  George Hamilton Green
Nola                                                                                  George Hamilton Green
Spanish Waltz                                                                   George Hamilton Green


Contemporary Music Ensemble, McGill University
   Denys Bouliane, artistic director and conductor

Concerto for Violin                                                           György Ligeti         
Metropolis                                                                        Martin Matalon        
Partiels                                                                             Gérard Grisey
Sechs Stücke, Op.6                                                         Anton Webern    
Kantate Nr. 1, Op. 29                                                       Anton Webern            
Fünf Orchester Lieder nach Ansichtskartentexten von Peter Altenberg                                                                                                               Alban Berg (arr. P. Headlam)
Self-referential songs and realistic Virelais                     Benedict Mason
Proliferation*                                                                    J. Housego
Déviations*                                                                      Felix Baril
And then the Lighting of the Lamps*                              Annesley Black


Percussion Ensemble, McGill University
   Aiyun Huang, Fabrice Marandola, D'Arcy Gray, directors     

In Gottes Gärten schweigen die Engel                           Brian Cherney
Worker's Union                                                                Louis Andriessen
Palta                                                                                Bob Becker        
Mudra                                                                              Bob Becker        
Away without Leave                                                        Bob Becker
Circus Plenus Clamor Ingesns Ianuae Tensae               Lane Harder
Os Seis Mosqueteiros                                                     E. Campos
Rock Etude #7                                                                 John Bergamo     

Stubernic                                                                         Mark Ford
Between the Lines                                                           Lynn Glassock
Music for Multiple Keyboards                                          M. Hunt   

* premiere performance
**commissioned by and written for Gina Ryan

Éric Champagne

Trevor Grahl
Darius Milhaud
Ney Rosauro

Alice Ho

Marquina, arr. Ruth Jeanne      
Gina Ryan
George  Hamilton Green
George  Hamilton Green
George  Hamilton Green
George  Hamilton Green

Justin Mariner

Éric Champagne

David Adamcyk

Alexandra Fol

Stacey Brown

alcides lanza 
Geoff Holbrook
Andrew Staniland
Neil Middleton
Suzanne Mariaz
Emmanuel Séjourné
Mathias Schmitt
Minoru  Miki
Christos Hatzis
Éric Sammut            
Arthur Lemba            
Eckard Kopetzski                    
Keiko Abe
Keiko Abe
Keiko Abe
Keiko Abe
Keiko Abe
Ross Edwards
E. Nevin, arr. B. Becker
Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan    
Michio Kitazume
Russell Hartenberger
Ann Southam
Marta Ptaszynska        
John Serry
Bob Becker
John Beck
Ney Rosauro

J. S. Bach

Toru Takemitsu
Brian Cherney
Dora Cojocaru  
Bruce Mather
Payton MacDonald
Thomas Schudel
Bill Brennan
Thomas Briggs
Ingolf Dahl
Allan Bell

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