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Marimba Bars and Bangkok

For the past several years as I play my marimba, I think/cringe, “I should really send these bars off for their tuning.” When I was in Canada, I was playing a lot so my concern was where and how to get a replacement marimba. Then I moved to Thailand. Thailand, land of humidity. My piano gets its yearly tuning (though this should probably be three times as often) and yet my treasure, my marimba, waits. Despite a humidifier in the room, I think the situation has turned dire.

As I have been recording more and more for my YouTube channel and chords seems less and less consonant, I once again think/cringe “I should really send these bars off for their tuning”. But these thoughts quickly turn to “how on earth would I do that?” I am in Thailand and the Adams factory in the Netherlands. How safe will this be? As fate should happen, on a recent visit to Bangkok, I learned that the Pearl factory is located just outside the city. I hadn’t quite realized this though until I showed up and met the owners. Khun Bank, who owns House Percussion, is going to help me! I wanted to write about this dream-come-true because I figure there may be others out there in the same predicament. I will let you know how it goes.

Stay tuned,


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