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Artist Endorser, Grover Pro Percussion

I met Neil Grover at PASIC '97 and was immediately drawn to his kind personality and passion for percussion. It was my first PASIC and the whole event was overwhelmingly wonderful. Part of that experience was discovering Grover Pro Percussion and meeting Neil, who became a mentor and friend. I went home with an assortment of triangles, woodblocks, and my first high-end tambourine. Over the years, I have used these beautiful instruments, at first in large ensembles, and now mostly in my compositions and solo performances. I have recommended Grover Pro Percussion instruments to my students and have ordered them for the various ensembles that I conducted and music programmes that I ran. It is with true joy that I officially join the stunning list of artist endorsers in 2022. A perfect way to celebrate a 25 year anniversary!

I think I will celebrate by adding a few anvils and triangles to my collection :)


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