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Hauntology: The stains specters can leave

Please join us for the premier of “Hauntology” at The Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival.

This fixed media work is a new collaborative project by Gina Ryan and Liz Hassall that explores the nature of personal and shared memories. Following Jacques Derrida’s concept of “Hauntology”, this work aims to reflect on the many layers of truth, the continuous cycle and malleability of memory, and the stains specters can leave on our perception of the world. We look at the stories that we tell ourselves, their changing natures, and the mythologized nature of history. On the one hand, it’s exploring personal stories and the events that make us who we are combined with windows into our shared experiences and the experiences of others. If we consider this theme in our contemporary context, it is expounded by the new world of windows created by and experienced through a digital existence.This collaborative, interdisciplinary work has several layers. Firstly, the artwork comprises different interconnected layers that work simultaneously to weave a representation of memories. Then the fixed music creates a framework of the illusion of the flow of time, reassembling fragments. The artwork will be captured through film while projections are interwoven alongside live percussion performance.


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