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Wedding March

A couple of years ago today, my husband and I decided it would be nice to have a small wedding ceremony to go along with our marriage papers. And so off we went to a little town, Norris Point, in Gros Morne Newfoundland to have it on the beach. From our little house to the beach, it was an approximate 4-minute walk. In our little house lived some extra percussion instruments.

So what's a percussionist bride to do? You guessed it! Hand out an instrument to each of the willing ladies of the party and make an impromptu drum line! I have included a little clip of the wedding process here. We gave the men (and women who weren't interested in walking) the bigger drums while they waited at the beach. Once we arrived we did a simple call and response (in hommage to my first percussion teacher, Don Wherry) and then it was off to say "I do!"

So, if you are looking for a way to start a percussion ensemble and a new approach to walking down the aisle, just enlist some aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends to join you in a wedding march.

PS - Of course, what's a concert without a rehearsal? Here's a picture of me and my wedding party deciding that it would probably be a good idea to rehearse the whole thing at least once before the big day. And it was a great way for us to make our way down to the beach party from our first reception the night before!

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