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Canadian New Music Concert at Payap University


Piano trio No 2 (Chris Paul Harman)

Krit Mekara, violinist; Wisaruth Tawino, cellist; Remi Namtep, pianist

Op.44 for solo trumpet (Alexandra Fol)

Jakaphan Chaiya, trumpetist

Cappricio for solo cello (Brian Cherney)

Wisaruth Tawino, cellist

Duo for clarinet and marimba (Marjan Mozetich)

Chaipruck Mekara, clarinetist; Gina Ryan, percussionist


Diastemas for marimba and tape (alcides lanza)

Gina Ryan, percussionist

Dual Posaune for solo trombone (Aiden Hartery)

Norrasate Udakarn, trombonist

Angels in Flight (Marjan Mozetich)

Annette George, flutist; Chaipruck Mekara, clarinetist; Krit Mekara, violinist; Viwantanee Punprapai, violinist; Nattavut Janpong, violist; Wisaruth Tawino, cellist; Judith Utley, harpist

With a reception to follow sponsored by the Canadian Embassy of Thailand

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